Swing Syncronizer In Action

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Being out of sync not only affects your rhythm; it also creates a loss of power, poor ball contact and just overall consistency in your golf game.

Whether you're a high handicapper trying to get rid of your slice and break 100 or a low handicapper trying to stop the club from getting stuck behind you on your downswing, the Synchronizer can just about do it all.


The best golf instructors in the world will tell you that the most important thing in any great golf swing is being in SYNC or synchronization. What is being in SYNC? It is the order in which your hands, arms, shoulders, hips, and legs properly move away from the ball in perfect timing and then effortlessly transition back down delivering the club on plane with a square clubface at impact with seemingly little effort.


The Synchronizer will show you the secret to finally simplifying the synchronization of your golf swing by answering two of the most asked questions in golf: what's the proper way to start your back swing AND how do you transition into your down swing. Once you learn the answer to these key questions you will be on your way to better golf and lower scores.

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